500ml Wood Vinegar (Concentrate)

500ml Wood Vinegar (Concentrate)

Thrive wood vinegar (liquid smoke) is distilled from our oak and reed biochar kilns, with more than 200 chemicals and minerals beneficial to plant health, plus vitamins B1 and B2. It has multiple beneficial uses:

Enriching Soil
Dilute 10ml wood vinegar to 2L water (1:200) and sprinkle over soil before planting, using around 1L of solution for every square meter of planting area.

Nature’s Protector
Using a 1:200 dilution, apply weekly to roots to control root rot and stimulate root growth. Wood vinegar helps deter pests and prevent fungal infections. Being a natural bio-stimulant, it enhances fertiliser intake and reduces damage from diseases.

Improve Fruit Flavours
A solution between 1:500 and 1:1000 sprayed onto base of plants can prevent excessive nitrogen levels, improve plant metabolism and contribute to higher fruit sugar levels.

Seed Germination
To improve germination strike rate and sprouting, soak seeds in a 1:200 solution for 24 hours.

Combat Odours & Pests
A 1:100 solution can diminish odour-causing ammonia in animal pens, as well as repel houseflies when sprayed onto surfaces.

Wood vinegar has even been used to make soaps. A tablespoon added to a bath, can help soften the skin, with the added benefit of keeping away mosquitos etc.