Our mountain village is home to some of the most beautiful indigenous forest and waterfalls. Living in the Amathole Mist Belt, we are very conscious of our water stewardship role for the Eastern Cape, as well as caring for our endangered species such as the Samango monkey and Cape Parrot. There is a soothing timelessness to the place and visitors can enjoy a number of attractions :-

  • The Japanese art of Shinrin-Yoku, or forest bathing
  • More strenuous activities such as mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, fly-fishing, abseiling waterfalls, 4x4 trails etc.
  • The Eco-Shrine, Labryinth at the Edge, Crystal Corner and Stone Circle all aid in meditative contemplation
  • Numerous world-class restaurants and accommodation establishments cater for all budgets and tastes
  • Annual festivals including the Spring Flower Festival and Winter Snow Celebrations

"For us, sustainability means quietly observing Nature and learning how to put more back into the Earth than we take out."

When we recognize that our planet, plants and animals are also living organisms, co-evolving with us, we shall become worthy of Stewardship. As Stewards we seek to observe, learn from, and work with Nature as our guide. This helps us become self-sufficient and connected to our environment and each other. Self-sufficiency and connectedness brings peace and true happiness.