"The most dangerous risk of all is to spend your life not doing what you really want, on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later."
- Alan Watts


We create healthy soils, to grow healthy plants, to make food for healthy families.

At Thrive we value health and personal freedom. Working symbiotically with Nature to preserve and regenerate her resources. Crafting food that is affordable, delicious and nutrient dense. Life as it should be.

We follow an integrated organic, biodynamic and regenerative path, but we also believe in old-school simplicity and value. Our soils and other premium products will always be affordable and we will always offer you lower prices where possible. Ubuntu.

Consider Thrive Centre as a haven of learning how to re-connect with Nature. Please visit for a free stroll around our food forests and pick some crops. Learn some skills that you can take home and apply in your own garden and kitchen. We would like to help you start living the "Good Life" as soon as possible.