Consulting Services


We consult to private individuals, governments and corporate entities of all sizes. Whether aggregating artisanal miners in Mozambique, dealing with environmental rehabilitation, creating a food forest, integrating grey water and energy systems or developing a commodity marketplace, we have the experience to make it happen.


Please contact us to discuss any of your requirements. Chances are we can assist you with whatever you need. We guarantee results and our rates are exceptionally affordable, plus economy travel. If it was up to Dianne we wouldn’t even charge until you started earning a revenue from your homestead / project. Thankfully, it’s not always up to her.

Bevan Jones

Dianne van der Walt

Sovereignty & Self-Sufficiency

Our core service is to assist you on your own self-sufficient journey. Dianne will visit your property and offer practical, targeted advice, drawing on biodynamic, organic and permaculture principles, as well as her own proprietary knowledge built up over the years.

Food from the Garden

Learn the basics of drying, fermenting and preserving foods, as well as money-saving techniques to make your own core foods. Then learn about real food flavours and how to prepare gourmet meals at home from your garden.

Market Development

From developing a traded fuels market, to aggregating artisanal miners in Africa, to financial tools to hedge fruit, vegetable and cattle, we assist corporates and governments to get it right.

Trading & Investing

Practical advice on trading currencies and commodities, as well as investing in stocks and bonds.

Non-Profit & Entrepreneur Development

Bevan also works with Jikani, a community based business incubator in Hogsback, to train and develop youth entrepreneurs in creating jobs and tackling poverty in the Eastern Cape.