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Gain the skills needed to become self-sufficient and sovereign

You can read about permaculture and biodynamics, or regenerative, organic methods of growing your own food. However, until you've buried a bag of rice under a tree to collect your own indigenous microbes, or designed your own permaculture garden with us, it all means very little. You can read about grey water or natural building techniques. However, it means nothing until you've actually seen a reed filter bed working, or stomped in some cob, or cut some cord-wood for building.

Our courses are designed around you. The price you see here is the booking fee to reserve a place with us. Once reserved, you tell us when you prefer to visit and we will structure the course around your family or group needs. The total cost for the course is the booking fee per person per day. Example, for a family of 4 over 3 days, the total cost = Booking Fee * 4 people * 3 days. This includes:

  • ACCOMODATION: Comfortable glamping sites with private bathrooms, in our own indigenous forest
  • 3 MEALS / DAY: We can also cater for special diets e.g. gluten free
  • COURSE CONTENT: Including all written materials
  • CONSULTING: 6 months of post-course telephonic consulting

We don't subscribe to labels such as permaculture etc. Over the course of 25 years of living close to Nature, Dianne has integrated all methodologies into her own style, and she will quickly up-skill you as to whatever is most relevant and useful for you. Whether it's in the garden growing, in the kitchen value-adding products, or working on the house and energy or water systems, we can help you become more self-sufficient and save money.

What's more, you can pickup the phone anytime after one of our courses and speak with Dianne directly, to help further integrate your knowledge. After all, that's what friends are for.

We are currently accepting reservations from November 2020. Once reserved online, we will be in touch to discuss your preferred dates with you.

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