– 330ml Kombucha… Our famous kombucha is flavoured with seasonal local fruits
– 330ml Fruit Cordials… Traditional lemon or grapefruit cordials, makes 5 litres

– 330ml Tomato Sauce… our famous Italian style cooking, eating & drinking sauce

– 250gr Vegan Mayonnaise... because vegans deserve some mayo too

– 250gr Chutney… Mrs Balls never tasted our apple & date chutney, but you should


– 250gr Hummus… Oak smoked or Roasted Chili, we make our own tahini for super fresh flavour

– 250gr Marmalades… our grapefruit marmalade is legendary, but we make others too

– 250gr Jams… premium organic jams from the Hogsback mountains

– Acorn Biscuits… probably the only people in SA making these (because it’s damn hard), we crush and dry the acorn flour before roasting these tasty treats

– 40gr Dried Porcini Mushrooms… we are lucky enough to have Hogsback’s finest Porcini (Boletus Edulis) growing under oaks

– Cedar… we make rustic cedar bowls, chopping blocks, platters and hanging blocks, the beautiful scent keeping things fresh and insects away

– Tulip… a rare and beautiful Tulip wood bowl is a sought-after treasure

– Oak… ever fancied a Celtic Druid’s staff? Just say the word…

– Chestnut, Birch, Beech… we can provide wood at any stage of its lifecycle, from saplings to sawn planks



– Ordo Ab Chao… from Templar Wealth to Masonic Light & Royal Wealth

– Illuminatus… a self-initiation course in 9 grades, better than the Illuminati ever was

– The Thrive Report… weekly report on thriving – tips to earn more and spend less



All our products are 100% natural and organic, harking back to more authentic ways of doing things. And of course this means they are generally cheaper than commercial food i.e. there’s no storage, marketing, packaging and transport costs involved. Plus, with organic food our unit cost comes down every year as our soil improves and provides higher yield. It’s sad that many organic producers are happy to make excessive profits from unwitting consumers.


Thrive products are generally available from most health-conscious restaurants, delis and other environmentally-aware outlets in the Eastern Cape. Please contact us should you not be able to find what you’re looking for. Although we have been requested to stock in other provinces, it doesn’t make sense to waste diesel miles. However, if you would like a package of goods sent directly to you then please also get in touch.