"We know more about the movement of celestial bodies than about the soil underfoot”
- Leonardo Da Vinci


Our products feed your soil, which feeds your plants, which feeds you.

Plants get everything they need from healthy soil, at the right time. Synthetic fertilisers* are a neanderthal way to force feed plants to try and speed things up. Our soils are crafted with a deep passion for the earth and 30 years of working with biodynamic, organic and regenerative principles.

Discover the unique way we make our soil. Please also contact for free expert advice on any of your plant or soil requirements. We love this stuff!

Batches listed above are custom crafted. Please therefore refer to our hand-written label indicating the unique batch analysis. Each batch is photographed and uploaded here as soon as it becomes available. Please also contact us to discuss your specific grow requirements so that we can formulate a batch specifically for you. We are also always available for free advice on the best ways to apply your super soil and to help improve your plant growth.

Our product is inherently environmentally-friendly. Supported by Conservation International, we clear alien vegetation in the crucial water catchment area of the Amathole Mountains. Using this biomass, we produce our own high-quality biochar in Japanese style kilns, and activate and inoculate it with proprietary microbial consortia, allowing for a slow release of nutrients.

We use most of the well know soil substrates and conditioners as well as several proprietary local blends (including effective and indigenous micro-organisms, rhizobium etc.) You also benefit from the local Hogsback environment, which is rich in mycelium and microbial activity. Note that we do not use lime or other mined products such as diatamaceous earth, preferring more nature friendly ways to balance our pH etc. It is also important to realise that throwing everything into a soil mix is not always optimal. For example, adding rock dust can have deleterious effects if suitable bacterial conditions are not present.

* Chemical fertilisers force feed the plant directly with macronutrients . Like steroids for humans, fertilisers often result in soil leaching, with less ability to convert remaining Nitrogen and other essential nutrients.