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  • organic, regenerative, biodynamic (visit us to see for yourself)
  • affordable (how organic should really be) with old-school effectiveness
  • free, customised advice on your own plant and soil needs
The prices you see below are our recommended retail prices. You can add products to your cart and use our site to request a quote. We will then work out the best (discounted) price we can offer you based on volume, and also the best delivery options. Please also contact Dianne on 082 820 0260 for any custom advice on all your soil and plant requirements.
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A lot of compost is volume produced in a big open, soulless yard with some chicken manure, sawdust and other waste etc. churned over by machine. Our living soils are artisanal, crafted and turned by hand, where the optimal balance of the soil food web (microbes, minerals, mycorrhizae and other organisms) is achieved.

Our products will improve your soils and feed your fruit, herb and vegetable plants for 6-9 months, cutting your use of expensive fertilisers and chemicals to zero. Red wiggler earthworms and other living microbes all come free with our products.

It is also important to not blindly throw everything into a living soil mix. For instance, when crafting custom soils with rock dust, we ensure that we include stronger-decomposing indigenous microbes collected biodynamically during winter. This is because winter decomposition is more about creating mineral content in soil.