Ordo ab Chao

Templar Blood. Masonic Light. Royal Wealth.

Almost everyone has speculated on the links between the Knights Templar and the Freemasons. None have yet offered any convincing proof.

This epic tale spans 600 years from around the year 1100, bringing the characters and events behind some of the most momentous events in Western history to life. From the rise and fall of the Templars, to their influence behind the independence drives of English Magna Carta and Scottish Arbroath. We identify the clan leaders that welcomed and sided with emigrating Flemish Templars to Scotland, and detail the fate of secret Scottish Templarism under the Reformation, to its re-emergence as Freemasonry together with the founders of the Royal Society.

This is an epic tale that weaves the history that you already know with fantastic new insights. A must for fans of the genre and those with an interest in how Western society evolved to where we are today. For whilst Ordo ab Chao has brought us to this point in human evolution, perhaps it is now time for a more enlightened path forward?