Live a more peaceful, less fragile life in harmony with Nature.

We are blessed to steward a small piece of heaven called Hogsback, with its mountain springs, waterfalls and forests. Amidst the old ways, ancient mycelium networks and indigenous microbes remain intact, creating rich soils nourished by nitrogen-fixing lightning and abundant rain.

It is here that we craft our artisanal living soils, incubating vital ingredients for plant health, for you to grow your own healthy food for your family. Our purpose is to let Nature into our lives once more, for everyone to find personal contentment, self-sufficiency and sovereignty. As Aristotle once observed, “Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient”.

We’re therefore working hard to:

  • observe and integrate Nature's ways amidst the chaos
  • create affordable organic products to improve health
  • build a life worth living for everyone

For soil is life, and it must be fed so that it can feed your plants, which in turn will feed you. Our products will help rejuvenate and recondition your soil, whilst we also welcome you to visit and learn with us on the path to regaining your freedom.