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At Thrive, we hand craft soils unique to your requirements

  • Compost feeds soil, making it and the soil-food-web more effective in long-term plant maintenance. Unfortunately, most compost cannot provide enough nutrients to plants over a sustained time.
  • Fertilizer feeds plants, being the chemical end product of what the soil-food-web converts nutrients to. Unfortunately fertilizers are expensive and only focus on a few nutrients at a time, in short-term doses.

All plants enjoy a symbiotic relationship with healthy soil, getting exactly what they need, at any stage of growth or rest. Chemical fertilizers destroy this relationship by force feeding plants to achieve faster results. Thus, soil becomes redundant, losing its ability to convert excess Nitrogen and other nutrients, which then leach out of the soil.

Inoculated biochar from clearing alien vegetation

At thrive, we produce organic artisanal soils, allowing the plant to talk to the soil for all its needs. We achieve this through the use of inoculated biochar and other bespoke methods to ensure our soils can deliver the right nutrients when required.

We keep our production costs low as we source most of our material from local farms, as well as through sustainable clearing of alien vegetation in the Amathole mistbelt region. This helps to restore vital rangelands and riverine environments as well. Thus, not only does our soil help reduce water usage going forward, you can feel assured that the process of making it helps restore the essential riverways of the Eastern Cape.

It's important to also not blindly throw every ingredient into your soil as many can counteract the benefits of others e.g. the fad of adding rock dust to organic soil can be detrimental if you don't also include the correct decomposing bacteria. When we do this, we ensure that we use the right Indigenous Micro-Organisms collected biodynamically during the winter months.

Note: We are currently producing a range of organic super-soils for high end crop growers, the citrus industry and more general nursery and landscaping use. We expect to have product available from September 2020 for sale online. In the meantime please contact us for further information on your specific requirements. From homesteaders to high-end growers, to organic and regenerative farmers, we can produce the right soil, seeds and plants for your needs.

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