About Us

Thrive is a Nature based, hands-on experiential learning centre in the mountains and forests of Hogsback. We teach self-sufficiency and anti-fragility, helping everyone towards a more sustainable and sovereign life. Our ethos is rooted in genuine, old-world values where we provide great value with no shortcuts. Bevan and Dianne run Thrive Centre and enjoy sharing and swapping knowledge and experience with guests from around the world.

Bevan is a classic entrepreneur, having traded commodities and originated resource finance, he now runs African Source Markets whilst also working towards a new economy for sustainability, mostly around the future of food. Dianne is a soil and plant whisperer with an innate understanding of Nature, first observing and then integrating natural systems in her work.

"Dianne creates what people who are only rich find most annoying, in that it cannot be bought with money."

- What Alan Watts would have said if he had visited...